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About us

We are HR consultants who are working with international corporations operating in Poland and leading Polish companies. We have been on the market since 1991 and to date we have carried out over 10 thousand HR projects, which made us one of the most experienced companies in this industry.





TEST – figures and facts:


We are the leaders. We are a team of over fifty consultants with long experience, including psychologists, trainers and certified practitioners.


We initiated the establishment of and coordinated HR Club of Lesser Poland associating HR managers and specialists with hands-on experience. Cyclical meetings of the Club members allow us to share experiences and views related to the HR field.


We support the development of BPO/SSC industry. Since 2007 we have shared our specialist expertise for the purposes of Gazeta Wyborcza supplement dedicated to the development of BPO/SSC industry in Poland. 


Our success may be attributed to business know-how and relationships built up over the years in HR circles, which allows us to recommend solutions that always prove successful.


We are flexible. All solutions deployed by us to carry out projects are always adjusted to the specific environment of the Client’s company taking into account sensible cost calculation. We take on non-standard challenges.


It is probably why over 80% of our Clients come back to us.


You can contact us here.


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