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Report - Logistics vs Production

Due to its rapid development, the importance of the Polish industrial market in the Central and Eastern Europe region increases each year. In recent years, the Central and Eastern Europe region has seen the re-development of manufacturing and increased demand from companies in this sector. One of the aims of the report is to answer the question of how this trend relates to the Polish market.


The study included industrial parks from nine key markets in Poland: Warsaw, Upper Silesia, Wrocław, Poznań, Central Poland, Tricity, Kraków, Toruń/Bydgoszcz and Szczecin. Industrial projects outside the main locations mentioned above are also included. The analysis excludes sites used by heavy industries such as metallurgy as well as private standalone production buildings.


The publication focuses on two aspects: real estate and human resources. Apart from describing the situation in the industrial market in each of the above-mentioned regions, we have also included information on education, the labour force and salaries in particular industries. In addition, the report contains comments from experts and HR specialists who have shared their experiences and opinions on how to invest in Poland.


The report was prepared under the honorary patronage of Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency.



Production vs Logistics
Production vs Logistics

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