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RSS Subscription of Job Offers

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) system allows the Candidates to follow latest job offers on an on-going basis.  You need to click on one of the following options and check current job offers.


 RSS with all job offers
 RSS with job offers for executives and managers
 RSS with job offers for specialists
 RSS with job offers for workers and other posts



Useful information on RSS channels


What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a means of distributing information published on websites. RSS messages are delivered in the form of headings and are similar to e-mails, i.e. they have a title, abbreviation and link tracing back to complete information on the relevant website.


How often will I receive the information?

Immediately after a new job offer has been published on the TEST website, which may be as often as a few times a day.


How to use RSS channels?

The most convenient way is to use RSS leader, i.e. a program displaying RSS contents. You need to copy a link to RSS channel, and the reader will automatically display job offers.

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